Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bottle Warms Milk Safely

Providing breast milk is very important to every mother in the first year of a baby's life. not all of them are able to breastfeed their babies directly, but by milking breast milk and store it in a sterile bottle. Dairy milk can be given directly or stored in the refrigerator when it would be more than six hours.

Preparation of milk bottles, especially for infants who received formula milk also needs special attention, in order to keep warm and resembles milk breastfeeding. Bottles are warmed by a stove or hot water is quite safe and easy to do. Warming to the microwave still be made, even at the risk high enough.
Here are some ways to warm a bottle of milk:
1. Warms on Top Stove
This method is simple and practical, by putting water in a pan heated over the stove. Or by putting water previously warmed on the stove. After the bottles warmed in this way, the bottle needs to be soaked water to prevent overheating. Before it is given to babies, testing should be done with a few drops of milk in the bottle to the wrist. If the temperature is enough then bottled ready to be given to the baby.
2. Warms the Hot Water Flowing
Another easy way is to warm the bottle with hot water flowing from the tap. Put the bottle under the tap for two minutes to give the bottle warmer temperatures such as breastfeeding. Remember to always do the testing before it is given to babies from getting too hot.

3. Warms the Microwave
Using a microwave to warm the bottle is the most practical, but it needs to be done with caution because the stakes are high. Scald milk in bottles is not recommended to use the microwave because it can damage important immune substances in it. Uneven heating can cause the baby's mouth and throat hurt. So, keep in mind the following tips to safely use the microwave:
- Always heat the bottle with at least 4 ounces of milk in it.- Place the bottle upright in the microwave and remove lid or rubber so that the heat can get out.- Heat the bottle with 4 ounces of milk no more than 30 seconds for an 8 ounce and not more than 45 seconds.- Shake the bottle after heating so that the heat evenly.- Always do the heat test before it is given to infants using the wrist.- Do not use glass milk bottles, because it can lead to cracking and breaking.

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